As one of the foundations of global stability, today agriculture faces many challenges. Sinochem International's agrochemicals business is committed to providing more diverse and targeted products and services to increase crop yield and quality for farmers. Our goal is to meet the needs of an increasing population while protecting the natural environment.

Sinochem International is one of the few Chinese enterprises that operate in every process of the industry value chain. Its business ranges from development of name-brand and generic products, API manufacturing, processing and sub-packaging of agrochemical preparations, to products registration and brand marketing in domestic and international markets. We have the capacity to develop and mass-produce agrochemicals with completely independent intellectual property rights. We aspire to be an international leader in the agrochemical industry with the integration of branding, production, marketing and technology.

With its advantages in distribution channels and branding, Sinochem International has been continuously improving its agrochemical services to help increase crop yield and farmers' income. Our excellent R&D centers and production bases provide highly-efficient and low-toxic pesticides for domestic farmers as well as high-quality agrochemical services in regions including Southeast Asia, South America, and Oceania.


金祥彩票Shenyang Sinochem Agrochemicals R&D Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Sinochem International, is a national pesticide R&D platform. It has registered and marketed nine innovative name-brand pesticides with intellectual property rights. In 2016, Agrochemicals R&D was brought under the management of Sinochem International as an integral part of the Sinochem International Agrochemical Business.

Agrochemicals R&D, formerly known as the Institute of Pesticides of Shenyang Chemicals Research Center, is the only research and development institute in China for pesticides. It has a complete range of research works from design and synthetization of new chemical compounds, development of production technologies, and processing of pesticides, to examination of bioactivity and safety assessment. It is also the largest research institute in China specializing in pesticides. In 2016, the two FAO standards for innovative new Chinese pesticides pyraoxystrobin API and deflocculant, which were formulated by Agrochemicals R&D, passed expert review, setting a precedent for future domestic formulation of international standards on pesticides.

金祥彩票Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Co., Ltd., controlled by Sinochem International, adheres to an R&D-oriented technological innovation strategy that emphasizes the combination of innovative and generic pesticides. With strong technical R&D strength and research platforms such as the Working Group on Pyrethroid Pesticides under the National Technical Committee of Pesticide Standardization, Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Pesticide Clean Production Technology, Jiangsu Pyrethroid Pesticide Engineering Technology Research Center, and Jiangsu Post-doctoral Innovation Practice Base, Yangnong Chemical has made breakthroughs in multiple key pyrethrin technologies and independently developed 63 new products - of which 4 were innovative products, 11 were identified as national key new products. Yangnong Chemical successively won one China Industry Award, twelve prizes for progress in science and technology at the provincial level or above and one innovation award for enterprises in Jiangsu Province. Yangnong Chemical has led or participated in the formulation of 6 national standards and 4 industry standards, and has undertaken 20 provincial-level or above scientific and technological projects. In addition, it has obtained 91 patents, including 19 foreign patents, and has applied for 207 domestic invention patents, including 8 PCT applications.

Agrochemicals R&D
Agrochemicals R&D
Agrochemicals R&D

Sinochem International has established three production bases in Shenyang, Nantong and Yangzhou, with a total API production capacity of 160 thousand tons covering over 50 varieties in four categories: herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators. Sinochem International ranks first in the world in terms of the production capacity of dicamba and represents world-class excellence in the production scale and technology for varieties such as glyphosate, pyrethroid series, cyclohexanediones, pymetrozine and mesotrione.

Sinochem International is the de facto controller of Yangnong Group and Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Co., Ltd.. Founded in 1999, Yangnong Chemical is a national key high-tech enterprise and the largest production base of pyrethroid pesticides in China. In 2002, Yangnong Chemical was successfully listed (stock code: 600486.SH). Yangnong Chemical has a production capacity of 30,000 tons of glyphosate. It leads the global market in pyrethroid and imidacloprid, and ranks first in the world in terms of dicamba production capacity.

Yangnong Chemical has two subsidiaries: Jiangsu Youth Chemical Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Youjia Plant Protection Co., Ltd., and has set up three factories in four regions. It has been honored as a "National Creditable and Contract-Abiding Enterprise", "National Advanced Enterprise in Chemical Environmental Protection", "Chinese Leading Enterprise in Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction", "National Trustworthy Enterprise", and "Industrial Trustworthy Supplier". In addition, Yangnong Chemical is among the first group of enterprises in China's pesticide industry that to be certified with the ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environmental management system and GB/T28001 occupational health and safety system.

Our subsidiary company, Shenyang Sciencreat Chemicals Co., Ltd., formerly known as Pilot Test Workshop and Pesticide Plant of the Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry, transformed in 1999 into a private enterprise dedicated to the creation, production and sales of APIs, preparations, and fine chemical intermediates of new-generation, high-efficiency, low-toxicity, wide-spectrum and environmentally friendly herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. It is one of the first agrochemicals manufacturers approved by the country and the biggest production base for innovative agrochemicals in China. Shenyang Sciencreat produces 15 original APIs and 148 preparations, and has become an integrated production base capable of R&D, pilot scale-up, production, and QHSE management with environment-friendly facilities.

Sinochem International Agrochemicals Production Bases
Sinochem International Agrochemicals Production Bases
Sinochem International Agrochemicals Production Bases

The registration system for the special commodity of agrochemicals has been implemented at home and abroad. An agrochemical registration certificate is one of the certificates required for marketing a pesticide.

金祥彩票Sinochem International has rich experience in agrochemical registration. Its subsidiary Sinochem Crop Protection, Inc. has help registered pesticides in more than 50 countries and regions around the world. Sinochem International has independently registered 353 pesticides in 14 countries and regions including China, Australia, the Philippines, Argentina, Uzbekistan, India, Thailand, Ukraine, Uruguay, New Zealand, Brazil, the European Union, Bolivia and Vietnam. Since 2007, Sinochem International has completed approximately 1,800 registration services for customers in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and other regions. So far it has helped customers gain over 1000 registrations across more than 50 countries and regions.

金祥彩票With the introduction of more stringent registration regulations and requirements in various countries, the registration threshold is increasing, and high quality data becomes an effective tool for successful registration. With powerful GLP data generation capacity, Sinochem Crop has completed more than over 100 GLP tests for 28 of its own products and licensed the data to a number of companies in the EU, the United States and Brazil.


金祥彩票Our subordinate company Sinochem Crop Care focuses on the distribution and international trade of pesticide APIs, preparations and related products.

We continue to strengthen the construction of domestic and foreign market channels and deploy brand-marketing teams in China, Thailand, India, the Philippines and Australia. The company has a rich product portfolio and owns powerful brands, and it keeps improving its strengths in product development and registration. It is a leader in the mid-high end pesticide market in China, with more than 500 registered pesticide trademarks at home and abroad. These trademarks include Youshi®, Moju®, Shuanggong®, Baozhuo®, Aike®, Junsiqi®, Shuanggong® 9080 series, the four world-famous brand products, namely Machete®, New Machete®, Harness® and Lasso®, and Roundup®, Latitude®, Rocket® and Roundup Power®, the four authorized brands with exclusive distribution in China.

金祥彩票Sinochem International is proud of its independent international trade team which operates and markets products including intermediates, pesticides and preparations in nearly 70 countries and territories around the world. Sinochem International has set up branch offices in Thailand, India, Philippines and Australia, expanding its business across the world's major pesticide markets.

Sinochem International at CAC 2019
Sinochem International at CAC 2019