Talent Pipelines

金祥彩票Sinochem International has actively run pilot programs regarding management mechanisms of innovative talents. By establishing and improving the evaluation, selection, and training of science and technology talents, the incentives for innovation have been enhanced, and team management has been improved.

Talent Pipelines
Talent Pipelines
Innovation Incentives
Innovation Fund

Additional innovation incentive funds have been allocated primarily to drive and motivate incremental innovation, and to enable innovators, value creators, and technology creators to receive returns related to the technological investments.

Award Program for Major Strategic Projects

Incentives for project members, especially the managers, have been enhanced to facilitate rapid breakthroughs in major M&A, new technologies, and project integration and exits in the fields of news energy, new materials, and strategic core areas of biotechnology.

Top 100 Key Positions Program

Key positions are identified using quantitative indexes and scientific evaluation to further empower and enhance training and incentives.

Top 100 Science and Technology Talents Program

Specific remuneration quota are allocated to introduce top science and technology experts including future department technical directors, persons in charge of key research institutions, leaders of key disciplines/areas, and project managers in key scientific research projects.